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A Brief Talk on the Market Prospect of Iron Oxide Pigment Manufacturers and How to Position Enterprises?

作者:点击:789 发布时间:2020-06-29

Do you have many doubts when choosing iron oxide pigments? For example, there are many manufacturers; Various manufacturers have different models, different price levels, and different quality levels. These problems have become a problem for many users when choosing the manufacturer and model of iron oxide pigments. So how should we solve these problems, how should we face them, and what should we do as a manufacturer of iron oxide pigments?
"Our product model should be fixed: Only if the model is fixed and the product quality is constant can users easily choose.".
Second: Product prices should be transparent: prices must be transparent, and unified pricing should be carried out domestically (activities should be publicized on the official website, and regular users should be informed)
Third, we need to form our own product manuals for each model: Because many new users do not understand iron oxide pigments, we need to explain our products in detail, including why the prices of different models are different, and how the quality is different, so as to facilitate customer selection.
Summary: Today, I will start with the above three points. If there are any other additions in the future, our company must strictly implement them! I hope this viewpoint can be helpful to friends in the same industry. We also welcome friends to share their experiences and make progress together!