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What is iron oxide pigment and what are the characteristics of products such as iron oxide red

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Iron oxide pigment is a pigment with good dispersibility, excellent light resistance, and weather resistance. Iron oxide pigments mainly refer to four types of coloring pigments, namely, iron oxide red, iron yellow, iron black, and iron brown, with iron oxide oxides as the basic substances. Among them, iron oxide red is the main pigment (accounting for about 50% of iron oxide pigments), and micaceous iron oxide used as antirust pigments and magnetic iron oxide used as magnetic recording materials also belong to the category of iron oxide pigments. Iron oxide is the second largest inorganic pigment after titanium white, and is also a large color inorganic pigment. In the total consumption of iron oxide pigments, more than 70% are prepared by chemical synthesis methods, known as synthetic iron oxide. Synthetic iron oxide is widely used in the fields of building materials, coatings, plastics, electronics, tobacco, medicine, rubber, ceramics, ink, magnetic materials, paper making, and other fields due to its high synthetic purity, uniform particle size, wide chromatography, multiple colors, low cost, non-toxic, excellent coloring and application properties, and ultraviolet absorption properties.