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The micro cement industry is about to introduce new standards. How should the iron oxide red pigment industry respond?

作者:点击:857 发布时间:2020-06-29

Liang Haisheng, Chairman of the Artistic Coating Branch of the Paint Industry Association and General Manager of Aberroni&Modern Masters, made a concluding speech. He said that micro cement is an important part of the basic work of the Art Paint Painting Branch. So far, the branch has completed two standards, one is the limit standard for harmful substances in art coatings, which has been applied by many enterprises. The other is the standard for pearlescent paint for art coatings, which has been completed and will be announced soon. Micro cement will be the third standard.
The kickoff meeting for the preparation of micro cement industry standards hosted by China Painting Association has successfully concluded, marking the imminent release of the group standard for "Micro Cement for Waterborne Interior Wall Art Coatings"
Here, the iron oxide red manufacturers will always pay attention to the standards, timely develop the technical level, and follow the trend of the times!