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What is inorganic paint and the role of iron oxide pigments?

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Inorganic coating is a kind of coating with inorganic materials as the main film-forming material, which is short for all inorganic mineral coatings. Due to its excellent performance, it is widely used in daily life fields such as architecture and painting. As an inorganic pigment, iron oxide pigment is one of the important materials used in it. Its anti-corrosion, light resistance, high temperature resistance, and other characteristics are perfectly applied in inorganic coatings
Inorganic coatings are inorganic polymer coatings composed of inorganic polymers, dispersed activated metals, metal oxide nanomaterials (including iron oxide inorganic pigments such as iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, and iron oxide green), and rare earth ultrafine powders. They can react quickly with iron atoms on the surface of steel structures to form an inorganic polymer anti-corrosion coating that has dual physical and chemical protection effects and is firmly bonded to the substrate through chemical bonds, It has no pollution to the environment, long service life, and internationally advanced anti-corrosion performance. It is a high-tech replacement product that meets environmental requirements.
The commonly used coatings in construction engineering are aqueous solutions of alkali metal silicates and aqueous dispersions of colloidal silica. Using the above two film-forming materials, silicate and silica sol (colloidal silica) inorganic coatings can be made, and with the addition of pigments, fillers, and various additives, silicate and silica sol (colloidal silica) inorganic coatings can be made, with good water resistance, alkali resistance, pollution resistance, and gas resistance.