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How to control the amount of iron oxide red during use?

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As a colorant, iron oxide red has been used in many fields. In order to make the product stable, we must learn to control the dosage in production, so that the produced product can have a better effect. Today, we will learn how to control the dosage of this product.
1. In the construction of modern basketball courts, iron oxide red plays an inseparable role. According to relevant regulations, the content of this product cannot exceed 5% of the total cement content.

2. However, in reality, 5% to 15% by weight can be added to cement. During on-site construction, it is necessary to first mix with the aggregate, so as to mix evenly. It cannot be directly added to water and cannot be dispersed. Adjust the amount of addition according to your desired color hue, which can be up or down. If you find it difficult to disperse, you can also add some additives appropriately. Of course, the iron oxide red produced by different manufacturers also has different processes under different circumstances.